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  • What is your overall fee structure?+

    For most planning, we package our services and utilize an all-inclusive flat-fee billing structure for each type of estate planning, so that our clients know exactly what their fees will be for their entire project. Typically, half of the fee is due at the time of engagement, and the remaining half is due at the time of document delivery for signatures. We do have alternate billing engagements such as hourly with a non-refundable retainer as applicable to the project.

  • What can I expect for my consult?+

    You will be meeting with one of our experienced attorneys, in person or via Zoom. All our attorneys have the heart of a teacher and will explore what matters most to you to best help you plan for your estate. We use visuals to illustrate concepts to ensure you are educated and informed.

    The consult typically lasts an hour and a half to two hours. In order to maximize the value of our time together, please complete and return our confidential questionnaire in advance. Please also provide us copies of any existing estate plan documents for review. The fee for the consult is applicable as a credit towards any flat fee engagement or non-refundable retainer for our future services.

  • How long will it take to get my estate plan in place?+

    Currently, our turnaround time from date of engagement (post-consult) to date of plan delivery is 4-5 weeks.

  • Do you send drafts of documents for review in advance of signing?+

    In our experience, the best approach to ensure full review and understanding of your estate plan is to deliver your documents in person on the date of your signing appointment, so our team can review them with you and fully answer any questions you have, along with allowing for any needed changes or revisions. Therefore, we do not send drafts ahead of time.

  • How do you work with clients after their plans are in place?+

    There are two ways we work with clients on an ongoing basis to support and maintain their planning:

    1. On an ala carte, as-needed flat fee or hourly basis; or
    2. Via our Client Care Program, which is an annual fee to keep you as an active client of the firm and make sure your plan works when you need it. There are 3 tiers of the Program available to support any and all of your planning.