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Estate Planning:

Design Your Legacy

To leave a legacy that lasts, you need a smart plan. That’s where our team of attorneys can help. We’ll partner with you to create a strategy you and your love ones can rely on.

Estate Planning Doesn’t Have to Be So Complicated

Our Team of Attorneys Will Support and Empower You Through Every Stage of the Process

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A Strategy for Every Possibility

A good estate plan is customized to your needs and family. It’s up to date, clear, and prepares for any situation.
Your plan may include any combination of the following elements:

Establishing a Revocable Living Trust

A trust allows you to manage, protect, and eventually distribute your assets. A trust may help you avoid probate

Filing Medical Access Authorization

Also known as a “HIPAA Authorization”, this legal authorization allows a loved one to access your medical information.

Authorizing Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney

Authorizes advocates you know and trust to make medical and financial decisions when you are unable to do so yourself.

Creating a Living Will

A health care directive that helps family make decisions concerning treatment when you cannot communicate your own wishes.

Writing and Updating a Will

Your will is a legal document that describes your wishes for your estate when you pass away.

Ready to Find Out What Strategies Are Right for You?

Good Estate Planning Makes a Lasting Difference

Protect Your Values

Good estate planning doesn’t just care for your assets, it looks after what is important to you: your kids, your beliefs, your goals for the future. 

Keep Family Harmony

The passing of a legacy can be a complicated and emotional time. But by clearly communicating your wishes you can save your loved ones the tensions of figuring things out themselves.

Maximize Your Legacy

Estates are subject to a number of tax and legal liabilities. With the right strategy we can help you reduce these liabilities and leave more for your beneficiaries.

Be Remembered Well

After a life well lived, too many people leave behind a mess. Our team of estate planning attorneys want to help you leave a legacy that blesses your family for generations.
"A good estate planning attorney should be an expert in two things: estate planning; and YOU! We take the time to listen and customize your plan to your needs."
Jay Adcox
Owner and Managing Member

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Estate Planning Resources

Planning can seem complicated, but we want to help make it simpler. These free articles will help you get started.