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Advanced Estate Strategies:

Protect Your Legacy from Tax Challenges

Keep More of Your Assets for Your Family

The more significant your estate, the more vulnerable it is to taxes. Our team helps you implement the right legal strategies so you can claim exemptions, minimize your tax liability, and preserve more of your legacy for your kids and grandkids.

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Advanced Estate Strategies

Advanced estate strategies combine estate planning with asset protection for the best plan.
Some strategies include:

Gifting to Children & Others in DAPT

Gifting To Spouse in SLAT

Freezing Values of Assets in Estate – BDIT

Minimize Your Taxes. Maximize Your Legacy.

Reduce the Size of Your Estate

Smart planning can reduce the size of your estate and minimize the amount of your legacy that is vulnerable to taxes.

Maintain Control of Your Assets

The best strategies guard your money without placing it completely out of your reach. We’ll help you create a plan that balances accessibility and protection.

Gift More to Your Heirs

With less of your estate eaten up by taxes, more can go directly to providing for your loved ones.

Take Care of Generations

Some strategies can protect your estate not just for your kids, but for your grandkids and the generations beyond.

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