Estate Administration:

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The Key Parts of Estate Administration

Probate Process

Collecting and managing the estate, paying any debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining property to the heirs of the estate.


A health care directive that assists family with decisions concerning treatment when you cannot make or communicate your own wishes.


An executor is responsible for the care and maintenance of the estate property. Once they’re approved by the court, they are required to prepare and file an inventory of assets and a list of claims.


If the probate process is complicated, the executor is entitled to hire an attorney to help him or her with the process. That’s where our experienced attorneys at Legacy Law come in to help.

Estate Administration Gives Your Loved Ones Support When They Need It Most

Clarify Responsibilities

It’s an honor to be an executor, but it can also be complicated. We’ll help you clarify responsibilites so each party will know exactly how to fufill the duties of their role.

Minimize Family Turmoil

No one wants to see a family hurt by bitter disagreements. Our team knows how to navigate this sensitive area with compassion and clarity, making estate administration easier on everyone.

Get Everything Done in a Timely Manner

A long, drawn-out process is rarely in anyone’s benefit. With years of expertise we know how to make sure each part of the process is done completely and efficiently.

Honor Your Loved One

Good estate administration doesn’t just ease your stress, it honors your loved one. Together we can carry out the process with the respect and professionalism their legacy deserves.

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