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Giving Our Thanks

This year, Legacy Law Group has a lot to be thankful for – including each and every one of you! We are truly grateful to be entrusted with the opportunity to serve you, your families, and the generations to come. From our families to yours, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Since many families share what they are thankful for around the dinner table – we invite you to pull up your virtual chair at our table and share in our blessings!

Our founder and managing partner Jay is thankful for his beautiful wife of nearly 25 years, the 5 amazing children the have been blessed with, and for our clients and the strong team that has been built over the past year.

Associate Attorney Eric is thankful for his wonderful wife and dogs, for the health and happiness of his family and friends, and thankful to be a new member of such a great team full of wonderful and caring individuals!

Director of Client Engagement Lindsay is thankful for the team at Legacy Law Group, our clients, and her three kiddos!

Paralegal Samantha is thankful for her family, Legacy Law Group, hot chocolate, and twinkling Christmas lights.

Paralegal Stacy is thankful for her dog Lily, the team at Legacy Law Group, her husband and children, her sisters, parents, chocolate, and wine!

Paralegal Alison is thankful for her health and family.

Director of Administration and Hospitality Robin shares what she is thankful for in her own wonderful words: “I am thankful for my husband. I can’t imagine going through life without having this amazing man to share every experience with. And frankly, I don’t know how I made it through nearly 40 years without him. No matter where we go or what we do, it is always better together. For his love, his friendship, his partnership, and his faithfulness – I am TRULY thankful.”

Jay’s assistant Riley is thankful for her family and sunny California!

Client Services Coordinator Ashley is greatly thankful to see her dogs during the holidays, her hometown friends, and of course, for the amazing staff and clients at Legacy Law Group!

Integrator Cara lovingly states, “I am thankful for my family! I look forward to the fun, chaotic, and yummy Thanksgiving Day with them! I am also thankful that technology allows me to work with colleagues who live the core values of the firm daily. Go team Legacy Law!”

We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and great thanksgiving!

With full hearts, all of us at LLG.