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Our Core Values

Strong Minds, Soft Hearts

We are a team of intelligent people, but more so - we care about our clients, each other, and ourselves. There is thoughtful consideration behind everything we do.

Ever Forward

We actively seek growth in our roles, our knowledge, the firm, and the impact we make in the lives of others. We are not stagnant or complacent. We know there is always more knowledge to learn and ways to grow and we seek these out proactively.

Bridging The Gap Between Confusion & Clarity

We take the time to find the right words and right visual representations to communicate clearly. Our clients, our referral partners, and our team are all deserving of clear communication.

Committed to Quality

We are quality people doing quality work. We put forth our best effort, we are invested in our work, and we commit to asking for help when we need it because we know we are stronger as a team.

Kindness, Always

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. We approach each day, each client, and each situation with kindness. We understand that this also includes extending kindness to ourselves.


We are fearlessly authentic, we are bravely ourselves. We are never perfect, but we are always genuine. Our team is fully complete when each individual embraces who they are, and lives proudly to be their own unique "you."

Who We Serve

Simply stated, we best serve clients who share our core values! We have helped thousands of individuals and families plan, protect and preserve what is most important to them.

Often, our clients already have an estate plan in place, but it no longer serves their needs or accomplishes their goals. They care deeply about their loved ones and don’t want to “leave a mess.” They desire peace of mind, family harmony, and a legacy of love.

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to serve as an advocate for their lives and their legacy.

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