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At Legacy Law, we’re on a mission to help as many families as we can discover peace of mind and confidence in their future. That’s a mission many incredible CPAs, financial advisors, and attorneys choose to join us in as referral partners. Together we can provide the best service for our clients, meeting their challenges and serving their families for generations to come.

Advancing Through Collaboration

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An Easy Recommendation

Legacy Law is Nashville’s full-service estate planning and asset protection law firm. Whatever stage of the journey someone finds themself in, we’ll be their advocate for peace of mind, family harmony, and a legacy of love. You know any client you send to us is in good hands.

More of Your Ideal Clients

Referrals are two ways. We want to serve our clients well and that’ll mean sending them to our trusted referral partners. You get warm leads and a stress-free way to grow your clientele.

The Best Service Possible

So many of a client’s needs and questions cross disciplines. When we collaborate, we’re able to bring excellence to every area of their lives. Not only do we make each other’s jobs easier, we also provide families with the highest level of service possible.
Jay and his team are world class. I am an attorney myself, and he and his team handle all of my family's estate planning needs. Knowledgeable, heart of a teacher, professional, thorough, responsive, and great to work with.

Great Business and Incredible Service is a Collaborative Effort

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